Eaton Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders:

  1. Electrohydraulic cylinders – EH series
  2. Heavy-duty tie-rod ISO metric cylinders – IHM & TV series
  3. Heavy-duty tie-rod NFPA cylinders – N series
  4. Hydraulic threaded cylinders – T series
  5. Large-bore tie-rod NFPA cylinders – G series
  6. Medium-duty hydraulic tie-rod NFPA cylinders – R series
  7. Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – imperial EM series
  8. Mill-duty hydraulic cylinders – metric IM series
  9. Welded cylinders – W series
  10. XL custom hydraulic cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders:

  1. Pneumatic tie-rod medium-duty cylinders – R series
  2. Pneumatic mill-duty cylinders – EM 02 series
  3. Pneumatic threaded cylinders – T series
  4. Tie-rod light-duty cylinders – L series

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Depend on Eaton hydraulic cylinders to excel in the world’s toughest jobs and harshest conditions. Our cylinders are designed for rugged applications like offshore drilling rigs and steel mills, and civil engineering applications such as bridges and hydro power gates.


Easy to maintain and long-lasting, Eaton pneumatic cylinders are ideal in applications where precision is key. Trust our pneumatic cylinders to perform in mining, construction, food processing and other applications.