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CB Compact Vacuum Systems

Model: CB2415, CB4015, CB4030, CB7215, CB7230, CB7250, CB1630, CB1650, CB1685, CB2085

Kinney® CB Compact Booster Systems combine the features of Kinney KT™ Pumps and Integral Drive (C-face) Boosters

CC Close-Coupled Vacuum Systems

Model: CC4015, CC5430, CC8530, CC1650, CC1685

Kinney® CC Close-Coupled Mechanical Booster Vacuum Pump Systems are designed to provide very fast pumpdown and high pumping speed.

Dry Screw – SDV

Model: SDV120, SDV200, SDV320, SDV430, SDV800

SDV Variable Pitch, Screw-Type Dry Vacuum Pump

Dry Screw – KDP

Model: KDP150, KDP330, KDP400, KDP800

KDP Screw-Type Dry Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring – Single-Stage A Series

Model: A5, A10, A15, A20, A75, A100, A130, A200, A300

Liquid Ring – Two-Stage KLRC

Model: KLRC75, KLRC100, KLRC125, KLRC200, KLRC300, KLRC525, KLRC526, KLRC950, KLRC951

Rotary Piston – KT

Model: KT150C, KT300D, KT500D, KT850D

Rotary Piston – KTC

Model: KTC21, KTC60, KTC112

Rotary Piston – KC

Model: KC5, KC8, KC15

Rotary Piston – KD & KDH

Model: KD30, KD50, KDH130, KDH150

Rotary Vane – KVA

Model: KVA12, KVA21, KVA25, KVA40, KVA63, KVA100, KVA160, KVA250, KVA400, KVA630



For applications such as degasifiers, vacuum packaging, vapor recovery, sterilization, extruders, vacuum furnace, and chemical processing.