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1000 Series Lubrication Pumps

Model: 1000, 1008, 1010, 1012, 1017, 1018, 1024

1000 Series pumps are based on the proven internal gear principal, but have been enhanced in response to demands from our OEM customers for a pump that offers advanced features which make installation easier. These side-ported pumps have the option to bolt SAE/DIN flanges onto them ensuring maximum flexibility on the porting arrangements. Our goal was to design a pump that meets your technical requirements and is easily fitted into your system.

4000 Series

Model: 4100, 4300

4000 Series PROCESS PUMPS run quiet and provide reliable performance with minimal downtime and maintenance, a positive displacement internal gear construction, and accurate repeatable flow. Special materials of construction permit handling applications in the chemical, food, and petroleum process industries and a wide variety of fluids without solids, as well as a wide variety of fluids including abrasive fluids. Some examples are- (adhesives, alcohol, asphalt, barium sulfate slurry, benzene, coatings, creosote, crude oil, diatomaceous earth, enamel, ethylene glycol, fats, fuel oils, fuller’s earth, gasoline, glue, iron oxide slurry, kerosene, lacquer, lard, linseed oil, liquid feed, molasses mineral oil, paint, paper coating, petrolatum, printing ink, soap liquors, solvents, tall oil, transformer oil, varnish, vegetable oils, and wax)

C Series Circulation Pumps

Model: 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C

The L & C Series cast iron positive displacement pumps have been the industry standard for Lubrication & Circulation for over 75 years. They were originally designed under James B. Tuthill, the company’s founder, in the 1920s. For eight decades, Tuthill has worked to improve these pumps to fit an ever-growing range of lubrication applications. The result is a family of reliable internal gear pumps that are ideal for custom OEM lubricating, lowpressure hydraulic, transfer, circulating, burner oil and many other industrial pump applications.

CC Series Close Coupled Pumps

Model: 009, 015, 020, 030

With lots of pump performance in a relatively small space, the CC Series is ideal for package pumping skids or applications where space is limited. By eliminating the need for adapters, reducers, couplings, bases and guards the CC Series saves on cost and eliminates the need for maintenance of these components down the road.

L Series Lubrication Pumps

Model: 000LE, 00LE, OLE, 1LE, 2LE, 5LE

The L Series is an internal gear pump design with compact and flexible drive options. This pump series is available with Tuthill’s Reversing Feature, comes standard with a single mechanical seal and cast iron construction

Stripped Lubrication Pumps

Flow rates to 84 usgpm. (19.3 m3/hr)

Pressures to 150 psi. (10.3 bar)

Model #’s- 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C

TR Series Lubrication Pumps


Strictly OEM applications. Directly mounted on rotating equipment where the pump is built onto the end of a shaft in the equipment. Pump consists of six parts which the customer assembles on his equipment. Lubrication duty only. Unique, compact, gerotor pump design. Pump is reversible and has inherent pressure relief capability.



Tuthill lubrication pumps handle a wide range of viscosity and sustain a constant flow at any pressure.