Murphy Valves Parts


M2582-A M5081FS-B-3
M2582-A-2 M5081FS-C
M2582-A-3 M5081FS-C-2
M2582-B M5081FS-C-3
M2582-B-2 M2582-P
M2582-B-3 M5180-P
M2582-C M2582-P-2
M2582-C-2 M5180-P-2
M2582-C-3 PD8183-1/4 X 1/4
M5081-A PD8183-1/4 X 1/2
M5081-A-2 PD8183-1/2 X 1/2
M5081-A-3 PD8183-1/2 X 1/4
M5081-B PD8184-1/4 X 1/4
M5081-B-2 PD8184-1/4 X 1/2
M5081-B-3 PD8184-1/2 X 1/2
M5081-C PD8184-1/2 X 1/4
M5081-C-2 PD8185-1/4 X 1/4
M5081-C-3 PD8185-1/4 X 1/2
M5081FS-A PD8185-1/2 X 1/2
M5081FS-A-2 PD8185-1/2 X 1/4
M5081FS-A-3 PD8190-1/4 X 1/4
M5081FS-B PD8190-1/4 X 1/2
M5081FS-B-2 PD8190-1/2 X 1/2
PD8190-1/2 X 1/4


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